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Tractor, Trailer & AG Wheels Minneapolis MN, Fargo ND, Minnesota Pioneer Rim & Wheel Company

PRW Support Programs: Wheel Program

Wheel Program - Pass Car / Truck Tractor & Trailer / Ag

If you're looking for a supplier of wheels, be they for your customers' John Deere dual conversion, his 18 wheeler, 1/2 ton pick up, or serious go fast car, Pioneer can help. We've been in the wheel business since 1911, and it continues to be the cornerstone of our efforts.

We are one of the nation's largest distributors of Alcoa, Accuride, Hayes, Unverferth, GKN Armstrong, Titan and American Racing Wheels. We back this up with all of the wheel service parts and tools needed to fill the need for a one stop wheel program supplier. With massive stocks, quick turnaround, seasonal and ongoing stocking incentive programs and competitive everyday pricing Pioneer is uniquely positioned to support your wheel needs.

Each time a vehicle takes to the road the wheels will be exposed to tough surfaces and immense amounts of pressure. The way in which the vehicle is driven will also affect how often the AG wheels, tractor & trailer wheels need replacing. Because the wheels are such an integral component, it is worth checking out the Wheel Program offered at the Pioneer Rim and Wheel Company.

Customers from Fargo ND, Minneapolis MN, Wisconsin and Minnesota contact us for new wheels. Why, you ask? Well, our diverse range of stock from big brand names makes us the leading local supplier of AG wheels, tractor wheels, trailer wheels and regular car wheels. Competitive pricing and plenty of choice puts us ahead of competitors, and unlimited support makes finding products easy.

Contact Pioneer to learn more about how Pioneer can fill your all your wheel related needs.

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